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With agree and power of attorney from owner, I offer you this estate for sale.

More information you can find out on - by the way it's in czech, if you would like to translate something, write me. In case of every questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Long time before the mansion in Biskupice was built there used to be a fortress similar to the renaissance building in Vranová Lhota. The Biskupice fortress was built by two brothers - Volfart and Jan Planknar of Kynšperk between 1493 and 1505. In 1700, however, the fortress remained abandoned. In 1612, as the historical sources cite, the fortress belonged to the manor brewery (on the location of today's 'old school'), which brew beer until 1870.

At the site of the old abandoned fortress, Vojtìch Libštejnský of Kolovraty built the today's mansion between 1713 and 1716. This aristocratic family has also built a manor distillery, which was in operation until the end of the 19th century. After that, the mansion and the Biskupice manor were owned by the Blümegen family and, later, they came under the ownership of the Schaaffgotsch family. The wife of the first Schaaffgotsch owner in Biskupice, born as the countess of Fürstenberk, had the park planted around the mansion. The then owners have also made alterations to the mansion and installed a hot-air heating system.

From 1874 to 1945 the mansion was under the ownership of the Thurn-Taxis family who reconstructed the eastern wing and bought and took down the houses under the mansion. Now, there is a park surrounded by a brick wall.

In 1945, the mansion became the property of the state and, for the following ten years, it served many different purposes (the district council of Mikulov, Czech railroads, KRAS Chranice). In 1955, it became the home of the school which moved here from the 'old school' building number 11. There was also an office and seven incomplete flats. Ten years later, the building was taken over by the company MŠLZ Velké Opatovice, and it underwent a reconstruction. Sixteen new flats were built and the former stables were turned into a dancing hall. In 1970, the mansion became the property of the local council in Biskupice and served as a municipal authority, a library, a meeting room, a culture hall, a post office, a fire department station, a school and a kindergarten. Since 1997, the castle has been owned by a sculptor and conservator.

At present, the mansion is empty, without tenants, the owner lives in one of the flats.

Built-up area of the mansion: 3 143 m2.

The park - other area: 25 235 m2

The mansion is connected to electricity network, water duct and the sewage network with:

-New water duct to all building wings

-New rain water network

-Sewage network

-New central switchboard and electricity network to all wings of the CU

-New roofing in part of the building

-New park fence

-Cut-down trees which damaged the park wall

Documentation has been produced for the building regarding the:

-Conservation plan + research

-Plan + budget for the gate

-Binding opinion + a building permit for the reconstruction of roofs

-Binding opinion + a building permit for the exchange of windows and doors and the conservation of the facade

-Binding opinion for the reconstruction of the park

-Building permit for the reconstruction of architectural features, arcades and facades.

The mansion is used as a residential building (now there are 15 unoccupied flats; one of them serves as the residence of the owner). The mansion is completely available without tenants.

According to the present territorial plan, it can serve as a senior house (council housing, a guest house etc.) or as company headquarters with offices, lecture halls and accommodation facilities.

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